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Levothroid's Uses

Levothroid is used to treat hypothyroidism, and is also prescribed to cure or avert goiter or an enlarged thyroid, often caused by hormone imbalance, radiation treatment, surgery, or cancer. Levothroid should not be taken to alleviate obesity or remedy weight problems.

Important Information About Levothroid: Because thyroid hormone is formed naturally within the body, almost anyone can use Levothroid. However, you shouldn't use Levothroid if you've recently had a heart attack, thyrotoxicosis, or adrenal gland problems that are not being controlled through treatment.
Before taking Levothroid, tell your doctor if you've ever had any serious thyroid problem, such as thyrotoxicosis, or heart disease, diabetes, coronary artery disorder, anaemia, pituitary or adrenal gland problems, a record of blood clotting, recent heart attack, nausea, or even if you're having symptoms of heart attack, such as chest pain, etc. If you are using insulin or an oral medicine for diabetes, ask your doctor whether your dose needs alteration when you begin using Levothroid.
It can easily be several weeks before your body responds to Levothroid, don't be impatient and in too much of a hurry: your body is a subtle combination of chemical processes and it will adjust in time. Don`t stop the dosage abruptly. Even though you feel quite well, you might still need Levothroid each and every day, possibly for your whole life, in order to replenish the hormone you cannot produce yourself.
Notify your doctor of all medications you take. This includes prescription and non-prescription medicines, and even vitamins and herbal products deserve a mention. Don't start new medication without notifying your doctor.

Levothroid And Your Baby: In case of pregnancy, Levothroid is not expected to cause any harm to the foetus. If you get pregnant while taking Levothroid, don't stop the treatment without your doctor's advice. Low thyroid levels in pregnancy may harm both mother and child. Your dosage needs might be altered while pregnant. Levothroid can filter into milk, but it is not believed to be harmful to nursing babies.
In many cases, patients will need to use Levothroid for life. Taking Levothroid for long periods of time might contribute to bone loss and osteoporosis. Consult with your doctor if you think this might affect you.

How You Should Take Levothroid: Take Levothroid exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Don't take less or more or even for longer than recommended. Be sure to follow all the directions written on the prescription label.
It is important that you take Levothroid with 8 ounces of water, a full glass. Levothroid tablets dissolve quickly and can swell, sticking in your throat and presenting a danger of gagging or even choking. Take Levothroid on an empty stomach, half an hour or soprior to eating. Levothroid is often taken in the early morning, before breakfast. Be sure to follow your doctor's dose instructions, trying to take your medicine each day at around the same hour.
To guarantee Levothroid is assisting you in the manner required and that there are no potentially harmful side effects, be sure your blood is tested regularly. Your kidney and liver functions might require checking as well. Visit your doctor regularly and discuss any issue you feel needs addressing.

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